To celebrate the June 5/2018 release of I'M SAD by Michael Ian Black and me, I am giving away bookplates signed by both author and illustrator as well as a hand-drawn/hand-painted Bored Potato (who starred in I'M BORED).

What you need to do:
1) Pre-order I'M SAD by May 13, 2018.
2) Fill out the form (click button at bottom of screen).

More info about I'M SAD at and

Bookplate is printed on acid-free, lignin-free uncoated paper, hand-signed by the author and illustrator, with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive (just peel away backing and stick in the front of your book). Each bored potato painting was created by hand using ink and watercolor on watercolor paper, signed by the artist. Everyone who pre-orders also is automatically entered in a draw for both I'M BORED (the first book in the series) and I'M SAD plus other books and book swag. Haven't yet read I'M BORED? Do check out for more info.

This offer is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Thanks so much to Simon & Schuster Children's and Simon & Schuster Canada for mailings in the U.S. and Canada! I will be covering postage costs for mailings outside of North America.  Pre-orders with any store (including online) accepted, and if you pre-ordered with an indie bookstore, you'll also be automatically entered in a special giveaway for extra goodies. ***NOTE: The books in the photo are NOT included. :-) Offer lasts until May 13, 2018 or until my supplies run out, whichever comes first.
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I accept pre-order proof from ANY store. If your purchase is from an independent bookstore (if it's not obvious from your receipt, please let me know in the comments), I will also put your name in a draw for BONUS swag. If you've lost your pre-order receipt, that's ok - just post in the comments with the name and address of the bookstore (and their contact info if you know it, else I can look it up)...thanks!

THANK YOU for pre-ordering my book! I really appreciate your support.
- Debbie
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