I am compiling a list of book bloggers, podcasts and online video series
that talk about books for young people (from preschool through teen),
helping readers discover new books.

Please note I am ONLY including:

(1) Resources in which at LEAST 90% of the posts focus on helping readers discover new books for young people (reviews, process, insider peeks, reading experience, classroom use, interviews with the creators, etc.). If more than 10% of your posts are about other stuff (no matter how interesting or useful) or other types of books, your blog doesn't belong in this list. I am not including my own blog (Inkygirl.com) for this reason.

(2) Resources that are free of charge and easily accessible online.

(3) Resources that regularly talk about multiple books by multiple creators. If you mainly talk about your own work, please don't fill out the form, thanks. I'm also not interested in reading logs ("I read xxxx today") unless the post gives reasons WHY you liked or didn't like a particular book.

(4) Resources that have had at least ten (10) posts or episodes, post at least four times a year, and are still active.

If you know of a resource that fits the bill,
please fill out my form...and thank you so much in advance!
I will be posting the results in Inkygirl.com and social media later this year. Meanwhile, you can see results from past surveys here: http://inkygirl.com/inkygirl-survey-archives
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Please list only ONE at a time, thanks. You'll be given a chance to enter more.

And again, I'm only collecting resources that are free-of-charge, has content that is at least 90% about books for young people, and are about multiple books by different creators.
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Thank you so much for your feedback!
I'll be posting results later this year on Inkygirl.com
as well as social media. You can see results from past polls here: http://inkygirl.com/inkygirl-survey-archives

If you have another resource to suggest, feel free
to fill out another form:
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