This 4-question multiple choice poll is for agents, editors and art directors who work with children's book creators. Results will be shared with my Social Media Master Class attendees at the SCBWI Northern Ohio conference, and summary results on after the conference.

You can remain anonymous if you'd like.

THANK YOU in advance for helping to educate the children's book creator community!

Note for editors: Please only answer this poll if you work for a PAL publisher (see Thanks!
Which of the following best describes your role? (check more than one if that applies) *

When you are considering taking on a new client / author / illustrator, do you ever research them online? *

If you do online research before signing on a client / author / illustrator, has your research ever made you decide NOT to sign them on? *

Which social media do you use most often? (check all that apply) *

Any other comments? e.g. What turns you on or turns you off when researching someone online? What do you look for? Any social media advice for authors and illustrators? (NOTE: If you want to make a new paragraph, please use SHIFT+ENTER)

What is your name? (optional)

Is it ok if I identify you if I quote you publicly?

What is the name of your agency / publisher / company?

What is your official title at the company above?

Thank you so much for your participation!
I will be summarizing my results in my Social Media Master Class at the SCBWI Northern Ohio conference as well as later in the year on
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